Friday, July 6, 2012


It's Summer.  Life is slowing down here so there isn't much news to report.

Would you like to meet our new pet?

Her name is Lady.  She is a squirrel that has been coming around  since she discovered we have an easily accessible bird feeder.  She is quite fearless and will let us get quite close to her.  You can even talk to her and she will look at you and talk back.

 If the dots on her belly are any indication, she has recently had babies or will be having some soon.

She is a funny little thing and has a real personality.  She loves lounging on our deck and will fight the Blue Jays for her share of the peanuts we put out for them.

1 comment:

Ami said...

how did I miss this post??

I am surprised one of your kids hasn't dressed the squirrel in little squirrel clothes... it was always a fond wish for my daughter to do that. She had a TON of beanie babies and dressed them all, but never gave up hoping our dog would 'catch her a real squirrel'.