Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still on my Soapbox

I guess it is still anti-bullying awareness month so I can still harp on this a bit more.

I feel like we are fighting a losing battle sometimes.

This is an anti-bullying PSA that is aired on Canadian television from time to time:

This ad came across my Facebook feed this morning:

This ad used to make me angry and sad when I saw it on TV:

It seems that bullying is also ok if it means people are getting the best rates for car insurance as well.

So, bullying is OK if it is used to sell stuff?  Is this what I am learning here?   I think what I am actually learning is that I am happy my kid's exposure to hypocritical advertisers has been minimized by our cutting the TV cable seven years ago.  If we did still have TV channels you can bet your bippy that I would not sit idly by and laugh these ads off while my children watched them.  We would discuss them.  We would talk about why I haven't bought a pack of Juicy Fruit Gum in many years.

How do these ads make you feel?

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Ami said...

Wow, those are some interesting ways to bully. Sad. Really. Sad.

The example I always use when the topic comes up is American Idol. Join the whole world in LAUGHING at someone who can't sing!! And let's tell them so on National TV and make them feel like SHIT!!

Just like 7th grade!!