Monday, November 28, 2011

Miss me?

We took a little trip this week

A little trip into the Rocky Mountains

Mason Jar Luminaries lit the way to something Very Special that happened while we were there.

Baileys-spiked hot chocolate and this lovely fire kept us warm while something Very Special happened

I am posting a smokey picture of The Very Special Thing that happened to respect the privacy of my brother and my lovely new sister in law. 

This is not a smokey picture but I am posting it because I think we cleaned up pretty well for the Very Special Thing that happened.
How was your weekend?


Laura said...

awww y'all clean up nice!

LaughingLady said...

Very cool "special thing." And you really DO clean up nice!! And I was thinking today that it had been a while since you posted. So thank you, I DID miss you!

Farmer Jo said...

You look great! What a nice get away!

Anonymous said...

My post got eated. I said, I hope you had so much Fun With No Kids (tm).

Your hair is so long! So is mine. :)

Oh, it's Ashlee btw. Hi!