Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I was raised by Muppets

Admit it, most of you reading were too. I don't think it was a bad thing! I loved Sesame Street growing up. Heck, our wedding song was a Muppet Song!

I remember watching Sesame Street with my dad at lunchtime, right after Mister Dressup. I know all of the words to Rubber Duckie a can Do the Pigeon (we had that song on 45!!). I learned how to say my alphabet in French thanks to Sesame Street and can count to 12 in a disco beat. I remember Susan and Luis's wedding and when Mister Hooper passed away.

Now you know how old I am!

Can you believe our street turns 40 this year? It has changed a lot over the years, and admittedly, my kids don't watch it because we don't have cable. I DO plan on getting the commemorative DVDs so my kids can see what it was like before it became the Elmo Show. Why is Elmo such a rockstar now?? Bert and Ernie are much more interesting to me. What about the more secondary characters like Sully and Don Music? I loved Don Music and his tantrums.

So, were you raised by Muppets?


Mariah said...

I totally was raised by muppets. Now that public television has changed the 5:30 time slot to Sesame Street, so are my kids. I wanted to become a journalist because of Kermit the roving reporter. I loved the scene when he was interviewing the animals at Old MacDonald's Farm during a tornado.

The show still draws me in like it did when I was 4. My first love will always be Kermit, but Grover is still my favorite muppet. It makes my heart sing to see the wonderful people who were around in my childhood still there for my own children.

Carolyn said...

I thought Maria and Luis were geniuses and could fix anything at their fix-it shop. And I remember crying when Mr. Hooper died!

And whatever happened to Don Music? I heard he got (more) into drugs and spiraled out of control. He was persued by the paparazzi and eventually checked into rehab. I hear he's now married to a nice lady, they have three dogs and he teaches piano lessons to the neighbourhood children. :)

Unknown said...

You rock, Carolyn!

Wendy said...

I didn't watch much Sesame Street and my son is not a fan of it.

But I LOVED the Muppets on primetime television!!! I can still imitate Beaker.

Ami said...

My son thought the frog was called "Kermitty Frog"

And I do not care if it's pc or not, I loved Cookie monster then and I still do now.