Monday, July 6, 2009


People are growing up so fast around here! I have been a neglectful blogger lately, but here is some stuff that has happened recently:
  • Someone finished preschool for the year.
  • Someone else graduated from Kindergarten
  • The Kindergarten Grad also turned six and has shot up to collarbone level on his mother.
  • The shortest one here is rapidly zooming towards his second birthday and is practicing his tantrum throwing skills for the event.
I meant to have pictures of the little grads here, but my desktop computer is at Grandma's being stored and I have not yet figured out how to make my camera talk to the Linux-speaking laptop. I will nag hubby later to teach me how to do it.

Since summer is officially here I am always trying to come up with things to keep the kids occupied. I have playgroup once a week, and friends to harass for playdates, and this:
The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do

The book is full of fun crafts that call for easy to obtain supplies and they all have a little science lesson to go along with them. (I guess hanging out with homeschoolers has worn off on me)

So far we have made monster shadow puppets and did rudimentary paper chromatography. Maybe today will be the day we make wind-powered sailboats??

Of course, having the house on the market has stalled some of our crafty plans--on days when there is a showing I turn into mean yelling mommy and all the toys and fun stuff are stashed away. On those days go to one of the various parks around the city, usually with sandwiches. I am happy to be house-sitting for a nearby friend who has a lovely fenced yard. She gave me permission to use her place if I needed somewhere to go for showings . I wonder what her neighbours thought yesterday when they saw us let ourselves in and have a picnic on her patio?

Speaking of which, there is nothing new to report on the home-selling front. We have had close to 10 showings with largely positive feedback, but no offers have been forthcoming. I am starting to get anxious about that. I feel like time is running out.

How is your summer going so far?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things there are going well.

We've been busy with the birthday and jsut now are getting down the the business of summer. We took in our first museum today, not that it's so different from the school year, but has a different flavor.

We've done some swimming as well and lots of friend time. If only it weren't so hot . . .

Anonymous said...

(a) either 6 year old is exceedingly tall or his mum is exceedingly short! My 11 year old isn't up to my collar bone yet.

(b) LOVE Usborne Books

(c) summer going swimmingly - heat waves are being tempered by cooler days, thankfully, and we've been swimming in the lake a few times now.