Friday, March 21, 2008

I married a keeper.

Last night around 02:00AM Emmett started throwing up. I heard him cough (I thought he was just coughing) and cry while I was feeding Matthew. I was half asleep and Richard was still up watching a movie. I heard him go up the stairs and say soothing things to Emmett. I heard bedclothes being stripped from a bed so I got up to investigate. Richard just matter of factly said "Emmett threw up. I cleaned him up. Where is a spare pillow?" While we were chatting Emmett threw up again. Richard then took him downstairs, made a nest on the loveseat for him and made a nest for himself on the couch. Somewhere in there he also started a load of laundry.

Did I mention he cleaned up barf and did laundry at 02:00AM with nary a complaint????


Heather said...

WOW. Mine would clean it up, but he would whine about it the whole time. The first time he witnessed a child vomiting, it happened on my lap. I sat there, covered in puke, saying, "Get me a towel or something,," and he was just frozen with this revolted look on his face. If it weren't so gross, it would have been funny.

Good for him for stepping up! And good for you for marrying him.

April said...

Things that make you say "Aw". ♥

AngelVoice said...

What a keeper! :) Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Emmett's dad sounds like a great guy! And good looking too!

- Emmett's Dad

Ashlee Rose said...


When you've got three kids, someone else cleaning up puke is almost sexy, yeah? (Almost.) Swoon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Richard. Does he know that women everywhere are applauding him?