Friday, January 25, 2008


I am feeling helpless today. My grandma is feeling under the weather. She is in pain. I want so badly to help her. The illness she has could spread to my children and make them sick so all I can do is bring her food and leave it at the door. I hate seeing her alone and in pain. I can hear the pain in her voice when I talk to her on the phone. I want to do more, but I have to protect my kids. I wish I could do more.


kitten said...

Bless your heart! I do understand. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

April said...

I just read this today, but wanted to come over there and give you a hug immediately! I'm sure she appreciates all you do, and can understand why it is difficult to do more. Showing her love in the ways that you can is a wonderful thing to do. ♥

April said...

p.s. I work tomorrow no coffee then, but maybe another day?