Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Six weeks.

Lactation consultants (and friends who are La Leche League Leaders) will tell you that the first six weeks of a baby's life are the hardest for establishing a good breastfeeding relationship. My friend told me if I can soldier through the first six weeks I won't look back. Well, six weeks have passed since Matthew joined our family. Let's take a look back, shall we?
  • I survived engorgement that made me look like I had implants worthy of a xxx-movie star.
  • I survived a boy whose overzealous sucking and hearty appetite left me bruised and cracked.
  • I survived parenting two older children during the day while nursing their younger sibling through two growth spurts at night.
  • I got the flush of pride knowing that the double chin and chubby cheeks and thighs on my sweet baby were made by food I alone manufactured and provided.
  • I get the thrill of seeing my sweet baby's eyes light up and his arms wave with excitement when he snuggles to me for a feeding.
  • After two less than stellar experiences nursing my two oldest I finally get to know what all the happy nursing mommies know--it DOES get better! Nipples heal and nursing CAN feel good.
  • I get to stay in bed all night--no running to mix and heat bottles.
  • I get to dash out the door without having to pack bottles into an already overstuffed handbag.
  • I can leave the dishes at night if I don't feel like doing them because I don't have to worry there are enough clean bottles for the next day.
  • I can breeze past the formula aisle and spend the money I would have spent on that on more important things, like cute sleepers and treats for the rest of my brood.
  • I get to remember the first night of Matthew's life when I laid in bed and nursed him while a Sam Roberts concert wafted through my window.
Not too shabby, huh?

Isn't this video sweet? I wonder if it would be acceptable to show breastfeeding on a children's television show today?


Anonymous said...

6 weeks. It doesn't work like magic, but it certainly is magical.



Heather said...

Congratulations on 6 (mostly wonderful) weeks of nursing! I can so relate to the pride in producing your baby's food. Not only has he gotten big and chubby on something you made, but it's been his ONLY source of nourishment. He's living, and thriving, on only what you've provided. How awesome is that?