Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"It's not a cat."

Quote from the hilarious ultrasound tech at my appointment today. There was a cancellation at some point in the day so everyone was ahead of schedule and in high spirits. I actually got in a full 20 minutes before my scheduled time. It is a good thing I arrived early!

So, after giving almost everyone who read my blog on Sunday heart failure (hee, hee, I am gooooood!) Here is the real lowdown on what has been keeping me from my skinny jeans lately:

There is a single (ONE) healthy 18-week old fetus in my belly. Two arms, two legs, a beautiful straight spinal column that looked like a string of pearls encased inside a beautiful straight neural tube. A four-chambered heart that was pumping away at a brisk 150 beats per minute, and a beautifully formed skull with a leetle brain inside to top it off. Baby performed for the camera and gave us a big yawn and chewed his/her fist while we both watched. This was Richard's first ultrasound appointment--he skipped Charlotte's and I didn't have an ultrasound with Emmett. I am glad this one turned out so well.

Baby thinks my bladder is a comfy pillow. I did not need an ultrasound tech to give me that bit of news. I knew that already!

I won't know the sex of the kiddo until late August when he/she is born--they don't give out that information in our province. It really isn't important to me anyway. I know whoever is in there is healthy and intact and that is all that matters.

I am jaded and cynical and think one ultrasound pic looks like another so Google 18-week ultrasound pictures if you want to see what my bean looks like. Really--I have my pic and saw a bunch online and I wouldn't be able pick mine out if it didn't have my name on it.

There you go--no twins. I swear!


April said...

Ok phewf. I totally thought you were having a cat. Glad to see your ultrasound has proven me wrong once and for all. It would have been kind of awkward at times, having 2 human children and one cat child. lol...your ultrasound comments are funny. Its still pretty awesome to think that the picture you are holding is in fact your very own baby (and not some strangers baby from google) ;-)

Anonymous said...

yay! healthy is awesome! :)