Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tipping Point Meme

I don't usually do memes because I think they are kind of dumb. My friend Poppins made this one. It is not dumb. It will make you think. I encourage you to do it in your own blog. Let's all start thinking about small things we can do to protect our planet and give it a Christmas gift this year too. If you don't have a blog (ahem, Manitoba Farm Girl and Janelle, cough cough) just answer the questions in my comments.

Three things I'm happy to be doing already:
1. Using reusable containers to pack my groceries in at the store
2. Walking to run errands when possible (my double stroller holds a lot!)
3. Using fluorescent light bulbs in the fixtures that are turned on most often in my house.

Three things I want to do starting now:
1. Learn to compost my food waste.
2. Find more environmentally friendly ways to wrap gifts.
3. Buy less processed, over packaged food.

Three things for someday:
1. Find fair-trade alternatives for favourite products.
2. Learn to live with less.
3. Buy more vegetables from local farmer's market and process them myself. (maybe grow my own too?)

Have you heard of the Buy Nothing Christmas? I encourage you to go here and do some reading. I am trying very hard to not get caught up in a commercial buying spree this year. Do we really need more junk cluttering our house and a heart-attack inducing credit card bill in January??

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