Monday, July 3, 2006

I need a weekend....

....To recover from my weekend. It all started Friday, when we drove across town to help unload the moving truck parked in front of my Grandma's new condo. She moved almost halfway across the country from a city that straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Her license plate says Alberta--she always said the Alberta side of town was better than the Saskatchewan side. Can't the Prairie Provinces all just get along? We should stop ragging on The Gap so much!

Saturday brought Canada day and associated festivities. We biked across town to the river and celebrated with our city with fun, food and music. The fireworks happened past bedtime, but we heard them from our house.

Sunday brought a trip up to The Lake to see MIL's new cabin, launch a dinghy in her lake to take water samples and lose my sandals in the knee-deep mud that passes for a beach. The sandals were recovered by my brave husband as I was already pretty grossed out by being stuck knee-deep in stinky mud. We also drove to the civilized lake nearby that had a real sand beach and sailboats floating in it to play with Emm and Char's cousin, Seth, and his mommy. The kids had a blast, all causing trouble together and sharing crackers and ice cream cones. Emm even gave Seth a hug goodbye and waved with both hands when it was time to go. The highlight of the day was when Seth had to stop in front of a chicken restaurant to cockle-doodle-do at the chicken on the sign. Did I mention he is two? There will be pictures soon--I had to use my old-fashioned camera as the digital took the weekend off. The kids slept very well last night! I was a good mommy and laid the SPF 40 on thickly so there were no sunburns! Yay!

In honour of Canada's 138th birthday I unearth this old chestnut: I am Canadian Who remembers it? Whose chest still swells with pride when they hear it? Which of my American readers secretly wishes they could be Canadian for a just a minute when they hear it?

I need to go lay down now...

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