Thursday, July 31, 2014


I am not feeling that great about my blog anymore.  This started out as a Mommy Blog.  I feel like as my kids have gotten older I have to be much more careful about what I say about them online. It's a small Virtual World.  I haven't been feeling very inspired to post here anymore.  My life is still going on and there is still stuff happening.  As life changes so do my online habits.  If you want to continue following snippets of my life I may still post here from time to time, but lately I've been getting in to Tumblr.  Tumblr works well for me as I don't feel the pressure to Think Deep Thoughts over there.    I can just give you snippets of my life.  A link I like.  A picture.  A sentence or two.  (It's also easy for me to post from my tablet when there are kids on the main computer) So, if you are so inclined try finding me over there.
This is where you'll find me

My food blog is still seeing regular posts as I am back into menu planning.  So, if you are feeling uninspired, take a peek at what's on my table from week to week.

Thanks for reading this far.  See you around!

Friday, May 9, 2014

If you follow me on Facebook, none of this is news.

Just before Christmas, our beloved Basset Hound, Lucy passed away.  She had 15 years with our family and we loved her dearly.  She was a very special dog and I still miss her every day.  In fact, I am getting teary right now, thinking about her.

Our kids have been asking and asking for another dog.  It's too soon.  15 years is a long time.  The grown-ups in the house are not ready to open their hearts up to another dog just yet.

 I did miss having a pet around the house, though.

A few weeks ago Richard suggested we go to the pet store and look at some rats.  When Richard says "look" he actually means "buy".  This man doesn't shop around.

I didn't think I could warm up to a rodent as a pet.  I had uninvited mice in our old house and I positively freaked out!

But now I am a crazy Rat Lady who sews cozy tents for rodents and shops around for the best treats and makes a custom feed blend because the rats don't like the store-bought blend and researches how to properly socialize timid rodents who don't really want to cuddle. (But I am still not as crazy as some Rat People....)

Meet Super Dude and Nibbles

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Out of the mouths of babes

Today, Matthew asked to see pictures of himself when he was a baby.  Being the modern mom I am, I couldn't pull out the baby book, I had to open my blog.  As we scrolled through the pictures, right down to the picture of me 9 months pregnant with him, we talked about baby stuff.  He asked if I decided to call him Matthew.  I said yes.

He then asked why we didn't wait for him to grow up so he could tell us his "real" name.  I asked him what his real name was.

His answer?

"I don't know!"

Well, I guess that's why we went with Matthew.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

We are a bit bonkers for a certain Time Lord in our house.   Emmett has been enjoying working on his own version of the Doctor's ship, the TARDIS.  This is a constant work in progress and I have seen several incarnations (not unlike The Doctor himself!)  This is the latest version.

Charlotte, not one to be left out, made a TARDIS too.  Her current artistic medium of choice is of course, Rainbow Loom bands.

Not everyone is so Who-crazy in our house.  Matthew is obsessed with the LEGO movie and as such his building projects have been centered around that movie.
This is Metal Beard.  I can only assume he's a Bad Guy.  I am the only one in the family who hasn't seen that movie!

Monday, March 17, 2014

What's better than a fresh hair cut on a dreary March day?  A FREE fresh hair cut!  I called my salon on a whim this morning, after watching Ramona and Beezus with Charlotte yesterday.  I wanted Ginnifer Goodwin's short inverted bob.  I got an appointment for just after lunch today.  It was obvious I was being fit in between clients, but that was OK by me.  You don't expect much from last-minute appointments.  I got washed and my stylist got two snips in before she had to rinse a colour. Her colour took longer than expected so I was left sitting in the chair until my hair was just about dry before she made it back to me.

Truth is, I would have gladly paid for the hair cut anyway.  I am a Mom.  Being forced to sit somewhere and drink coffee and read trashy magazines without the laundry that needs folding staring at you is a treat, not an inconvenience!

Happy Monday to me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happiness is a little boy who has a vintage 80's Lego instruction book unearthed from his Grandma's house.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So, you know how when you have a blog and you haven't posted in a while you think "Hmmm....I have that blog and I haven't posted in a while, I wonder what I should write about?" and you think about all the stuff that has happened since the last time you posted and you can't narrow down what to write about so you put it off for another week, and then more stuff happens and then you begin to wonder if anyone ever reads blogs anymore anyway and what's the point of writing if no one reads it anyway and then you put off writing for ANOTHER week?

Yeah.  That's what's happened to me.

Is this thing on?